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View all single contributions over $5,000 reported received from a single contributor by a committee on a 48 Hour Contribution over $5,000 Report. These contributions must also be reported on the committee’s next full disclosure report.

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MECID Report Filed Committee Contribution Information Contribution Date Amount
C071094 05/24/2018 MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE Citizens for Schatz PO Box 92 Sullivan MO 63080 5/24/2018 $50,000.00
C071094 05/24/2018 MISSOURI SENATE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE Enterprise Holdings Inc. PAC 600 Corporate Park Drive St Louis MO 63105 5/24/2018 $6,000.00
A171398 05/24/2018 Committee For A Healthy Community American Heart Association 7272 Greenville Ave Dallas TX 75231 5/24/2018 $68,450.00
C091104 05/24/2018 Citizens For Kurt Bahr Jennifer Bahr 105 Walnut Hill Drive Saint Charles MO 63304 Self Real Estate Investment 5/24/2018 $10,000.00
C141371 05/24/2018 Property Casualty Insurers Association of America Political Account American Family Mutual Insurance Co. 6000 American Pkwy Madison WI 53777 5/23/2018 $10,000.00

Campaign Finance

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