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The Commission consists of six members, each appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the senate for a four-year term. Commissioners serve in a non-partisan manner and not more than three can be of the same political party. Each member must be selected from a different congressional district. A chair and vice-chair are elected biannually. The Commission employs an Executive Director to oversee the day-to-day operations of the agency along with a 21-person, professional and non-partisan staff.

The Commission is charged with enforcement and retention of information and reports related to conflicts of interest laws relating to public officials and employees; lobbyist reporting laws; personal financial interest reporting laws; and campaign finance disclosure laws.

The Commission makes transparency and public information a priority in their operations. The Commission’s website provides detailed financial information about campaign expenditures and contributions and includes many publications, brochures, and web tutorials explaining Missouri’s ethics laws, requirements and regulations. The Commission is very dedicated to providing customer service and training for public officials, candidates and others wanting to understand ethics laws. We invite you to look around our website and take advantage of the many searches, resources and information available.

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Mission Statement

The MEC serves the public interest by promoting and maintaining transparency, accountability, and compliance with campaign finance, lobbying, and conflict of interest laws. We educate and assist the citizens of Missouri, public officials, lobbyists, and those participating in public elections by increasing awareness and understanding of the law. We investigate and enforce these laws consistently.

Meet our Commissioners

Charles E. Weedman, Chair
Republican, 4th Congressional District
Term expires March 15, 2016
John Munich, Vice Chair
Democrat, 2nd Congressional District
Term expires March 15, 2016
William Stoltz
Republican, 8th Congressional District
Term expires March 15, 2016
Bill Deeken
Republican, 3rd Congressional District
Term expires March 15, 2018
Nancy Hagan
Democrat, 7th Congressional District
Term expires March 15, 2018

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